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  • The opening of the Cervino S.p.A. lifts Company will be set according to the instructions of the Government. We will keep updated our site to inform you.The opening of the Cervino S.p.A. lifts Company will be set according to the instructions of the Government. tWe will keep updated our site to inform you.


WINTER 2020-2021

The purchase of the ticket means the acceptance of the “Ticket office rules” which must be considered an integral part of the price-list. The issuing company reserves the right to change the tariffs and regulations during the season.

All skipasses are personal and name and surname will be requested for passes with a duration of five days and above. Daily and multi-day skipasses are for sale only to skiers.

Prices may be subject to variation dependant on fiscal changes or exchange rates. Prices subject to variation depending on exchange rate € / CHF.

SKIPASS INSURANCE: Upon request by the client, insurance coverage may be purchased simultaneously with day, multi-day and seasonal skipasses. For information on guarantees and insurance cover, please ask for a leaflet at the ticket office. The purchase of insurance means knowledge of the terms and conditions of cover.

SKIERS FIRST AID SERVICES:The first aid service for skiers in Cervinia and in the ski areas in Aosta Valley will be subject to a charge of € 200,00 to cover part of the expenses. Check that your insurance policy also covers this cost or you may purchase the insurance at the ticket offices in resorts at a cost of € 3,00 per day (Snowcare Oro): the insurance company will extinguish the payment directly.

DEPOSIT: A deposit of € 5,00 is required for skipasses issued on a keycard, refundable when returned undamaged before the 02/05/21.

LIFT SYSTEMS AND SKI RUNS OPENING AND CLOSURE: Cervino S.p.A reserves the right, at its own discretion, to decide the opening and closure dates and times of the lift systems and ski runs. The prices of the skipasses are established regardless of the number of lift systems and ski runs open during the period of validity of the skipass.

ATTENTION: From Summer 2015, electronic stands with chip id commencing with 8 and 11 cannot be used to purchase your skipasses (125KHz technology). 


Download the PDF file “Ticket office rules”.