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  • 19/09/2020: Open the line of the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plateau Rosà and the Bike Park from Cime Bianche Laghi; Open the Summer Ski


A service that is unique in the whole Alpine region. You take off from Cervinia in a helicopter and fly over the peaks of the ski circuit. You then land and, accompanied by guides and expert off-piste ski instructors, you ski surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, with the great peaks close enough to touch, and breathe the pure air found at 4,000 metres, all of which combine to make this downhill experience unforgettable.


Società Guide del Cervino

Via circonvallazione 2

11021 Breuil Cervinia

Tel. 0166 948169



Heliski Cervinia S.r.l.

Via Al Piolet c/o Noleggio Corradi

11021 Breuil-Cervinia (AO)

Tel: +39 0166 949267 Mobile: +39 335 6948316

[email protected]