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  • Lifts to Plateau Rosà and summer skiing open in Breuil Cervinia from the 20th June;  Chamois: chairlift Corgnolaz-Lago di Lod will open on the  6/7 june week end.The Cervino Valley is waiting for you. #CERVINOAWAITSYOU


Ski Area Valtournenche


From the top of the Colle Superiore di Cime Bianche (3200mt), just next to the Ventina glacier, down to the bottom of the lifts departure (1600mt) a series of runs for all appetites awaits both the beginner and the expert, like the Reine Blanche piste which grants, if started from the Klein Matterhorn, a 20km descent of 2300mt in altitude.

The Valtournenche ski area is connected to Breuil-Cervinia, and thereon to Zermatt; it's made up of 11 red runs, 10 blue runs, 2 black runs and a kid zone. 3 pistes can be set up for training and competitions (national and international standards)  with chrono timing.

Swift modern lifts will let you enjoy the Valtournenche runs. Chairlift Motta gives you access to pistes 3, 4 and 7; Chairlift Becca d'Aran to piste 9: these represent an XL baby camp for beginners, the ideal runs for your first steps into the skiers world. Higher up, the 6-seats Chairlift Bec Carré gives you access to red pistes 5 and 6, which start with two gullies that reunite at the bottom of the chairlift and are saparated by piste 15 with its steep walls and gradient changes, the favourite run of experts who choose it for their training or simply for heartfelt emotions. The Sometta draglift offers amazing views over the Valtournenche and Val'Ayas valleys, ending on a 'terrace' that overlooks the Breuil basin and our beloved Cervino.

Reine Blanche is a combination of a series of pistes that, if begun from the Klein Matterhorn on the Swiss territory at 3883mt, is nearly 20km long and has a total 2300mt drop; no wonder it is considered one of Eureope's longest tracks.  At first you ski on the glacier and gently descend until Plateau Rosà, then make a left for the steep S of Ventina; by keeping the left take piste 11 along the Sommetta draglift, at the bottom of which you'll find a super short and quick chairlift (Du Col) crossing Colle Inferiore where the real Reine Blanche (Piste#1) begins, right under the Roisette and Becca d'Aran ridges, then plunging down the Pistone into the woods and ending at 1600mt in Valtournenche where the Salette cablecar will restart your emotions!