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  • Lifts to Plateau Rosà and summer skiing open in Breuil Cervinia from the 20th June;  Chamois: chairlift Corgnolaz-Lago di Lod will open on the  6/7 june week end.The Cervino Valley is waiting for you. #CERVINOAWAITSYOU


Ski Area Breuil-Cervinia

The Matterhorn lies in the middle of our great international resort, right inbetween Italy and Switzerland.

The success of Cervinia is amongst other things due to the ski-in/ski-out possibility throughout the whole town. All winter long, thanks to the slopes descending from the high altitude of the surrounding mountains and ending right onto the streets of Cervinia, like the worldwide famous Ventina piste, or the Cretaz and CieloAlto slopes, all intertwined and connected by our lifts system, Breuil-Cervinia makes you forget about your car. The only  transports you'll use will be cable cars, snowcats, or, for sportsmen , mountaineering skis and snowshoes.


Plateau Rosà, with its 3500 meters in altitude, is the most famous snow white terrasse of the Alps. In one glimpse the Matterhorn (4478 mt), Monte Rosa (4810 mt), Gran Paradiso (4061 mt), the ridge of the mountains in Piemonte, like the unique profile of Monviso (3841 mt), and the close mountains of France and Switzerland, like Eiger 3970 mt), Jungfrau (4158 mt) reigning over the Oberland. Here starts the wonderful Ventina piste, also connected to the slope descending from the Klein Matterhorn on the Swiss territory. It is from Plateau Rosa that the real 11 kilometers of this awesome piste begin. It starts with the famous seemingly neverending "S" that through a slight slope and continuous gradient changes leads to the intermediate station Cime Bianche Laghi (2812 mt). It is also possible to reach this station by the near valley of Valtournenche and the Goillet chairlift. But the ride is not over: a series of schuss lead to the "traverse" and the Bardoney area, where the second spectacular and technical part of the piste begins. The famous Bardoney wall is right there awaiting for you to be ridden on in one go. But if your legs get tired, you can always stop in one of the many mountain huts, or stop along the slope and "soak up" the view of our King the Matterhorn, who offers a different sight at each turn.


Plateau Rosà is the main access to the Zermatt resort, but the Theodulpass is an equally comfortable access point from Breuil-Cervinia, through the chairlifts "Plan Maison", "Fornet" and "Bontadini". A piece of local history: as far back as half the XVI century the Theodulpass was used by the Valtournenche villagers for commerce with the neighbouring Switzerland, walking paths that are now ski pistes in order to reach the  main Vallese cities.


At the feet of the Matterhorn, in the shadows of the "Noble Cliff" lie the chairlifts Cretaz and Pancheron. Here the Matterhorn, with its mighty yet enchanting presence, offers many different perspectives on its peaks, one at your every turn. It is especially thanks to the Pancheron chairlift (6 seats, protection bubble, safety bar for children) that the already ample offer of the Cretaz resort widened. This lift allows you to reach the elevation of 3000mt (right under the Furggen ridge) in less than ten minutes and then choose between the Plan Maison ski area or the City of Rocks, with its technical  pistes of rare beauty like #9bis or #24 which show their best side in spring  when the snow transforms and lets you trace perfect lines even on the steepest walls. 


The Ventina piste is probably the most famous run in Cervinia, but surely the Cieloalto pistes are just as known and challenging; in fact World Cup races were hosted here in the 70s. Steep slopes ending amidst the woods (ideal for training in scarce visibility conditions like fog or snow), they are ideal for expert skiers looking for a challenge top to bottom.