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  • 21st August, 2019: Open the cable cars Breuil-Plateau Rosà and the summer ski. Bike Park: open


Chamois is a Pearl of the Alps and definitely a must 365 days a year! Being car-free (the only town in Italy boasting such a record) and its environmentally-friendly policy are just two features that make this little alpine town overlooking the Matterhorn unique. On skis, on foot or bike, Chamois is the perfect place to stay at any time of the year!

Chamois in winter

The winter season at Chamois ski area is a pleasant surprise to snow lovers with more than 17 km of runs and its breath-taking view over the Matterhorn and snow-clad Alps. An almost infinite number of trails ideal for snow-shoeing, ski mountaineering or free-riding towards the village of Cheneil in Valtournenche give you the chance to head off and discover the surrounding scenery.