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  • 24th October 2020: we will open the line of the cable car Breuil-Cervinia Plateau Rosà chairlifts Plan Maison, Fornet, Bontadini with the slopes: 6,6.0,6.00, 6bis, 46, 7. Except for regulations that are not under our control


The hiking tracks such as "Grande Balconata", Tour of Mt Cervino and Mt Rosa are part of the history of this area and along with the beautiful and numerous excursions (all signposted indicating the difficulty and times) the tracks spread out in the areas at the lift systems stations at the foot of Mt Cervino.

Get up close to the local fauna; chamois, ibex, marmots and eagles up in the blue skies. The jingle of the bells announces the presence of the cows out to pasture amongst the rhododendrons and edelwiess in a unique setting under Mt Cervino!

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