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  • 24th October 2020: we will open the line of the cable car Breuil-Cervinia Plateau Rosà chairlifts Plan Maison, Fornet, Bontadini with the slopes: 6,6.0,6.00, 6bis, 46, 7. Except for regulations that are not under our control

sentier j.a. carrel

Named after the man who first reached the summit of the Matterhorn along the Italian route on 17th July 1865, the Sentier J. A. Carrel winds along no less than 30 kilometres (though it is possible to walk single legs of the trail) along the entire Breuil valley, starting from the hamlet of Perrères (Valtournenche) and ending up at the foot of the Matterhorn and its moraines, reaching the legendary Oriondé refuge (2,808 metres a.s.l.); not before having walked along the old footpaths that link up the tramail, the highest Alpine pastures, allowing you to observe the life and work of these Alpine farms at first hand, farms that have managed to preserve the charm of the olden days. You climb along the right-hand side of the Matterhorn valley and come down along the left-hand side, with a magnificent larch forest greeting you as you come back into Perrères.

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