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  • 26th October 2020: Lifts system temporarily closed as per decree issued on 25th October. Awaiting for the new.  We will keep the website updated.

LAkes, waterfalls and ravines

Cervinia’s famous Lago Blu lake (a stone’s throw from the town, near the main road that climbs from Valtournenche, just before the tunnel that reaches town) owes its fame to the particular colour of its water and the Matterhorn’s reflection in it. The lake of Lod, named after one of Valtournenche’s many small hamlets, is just as beautiful, and can be reached on foot in less than 10 minutes from Valtournenche. Those in the mood for a good walk can start off from Maen (its manmade lake offers relaxing level walks through woods) and try the excursion (approximately two hours long on foot) to the Cignana ponds. Just outside Valtournenche, on the road to Cervinia, the Gouffre des Busserailles – a 35-metre ravine dug by the Marmore river ­– offers marvellous views of a waterfall whose 10-metre drop beats down on surrounding rocks with a powerful roar. The ravine was discovered by the ‘lord’ of the Matterhorn: Jean Antoine Carrel.

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