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Where else should you have a picnic! Wide open prairies and shadowy forests offer the best picnics. In Cervinia, a stone’s throw from the town (near the tunnel), you can cook a barbeque while your kids play here, where there’s an adventure playground for young children as well. In the Perrères locality of Cervinia, near the SR46 main road (so easy to reach by car), another picnic area enjoys a view of the Grandes Murailles mountain range from a plateau where the sun shines all day long. Champlève (Valtournenche), along the road that leads to the small hamlet of Cheneil (a definite must), is one of the most beautiful places to have a picnic in the entire valley: opposite the Grandes Murailles and surrounded by the fragrance of pine that mingles with that of… your barbeque!

For more details: Valtournenche town hall

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Tourist Information Office Valtournenche
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