Cross-country trail Grandes Montagnes

The "Grandes Montagnes" trail has two starting points and both meet up in the Chatelard area:

  1. Arrival station of the cable car Mongnod – Chantorné.
  2. Picnic area Plan Prorion for those whom wish ascend by car to the picnic area.

The trail continues along the flat through the forest to the area of Loditor with views to the peak “Punta Tsan” (3,322 m asl). From here a 3 km ascent to Gilliarey and your hard work will be rewarded by the panorama at the arrival, magnificent views over the Matterhorn. 

The trail covers the tracks that during the summer months take you to the “alpeggi” or summer grazing stables. There are a few ascents and the length of the trail is incredible, offering various alternatives to return to the cable car.  Once you arrive at the lake in the area of Loditor, it’s here that you may decide to face the ascent to arrive at the 2,169 m asl at Gilliarey and admire the panorama; south views down over the valley and to the north the impressive Matterhorn, and at its foot the Valtournenche region. Here Plateau Rosà and the eternal white snow seems right at your fingertips.