La storia


The origins of Breuil-Cervinia date back more than two hundred years ago, when uncontaminated nature dominated the area at the foot of the Cervino, and the Breuil basin was an immense Alpine pasture which could only be reached after walking for hours. “Breuil” in patois means "land of much water", indicating the numerous lakes and rivers that characterised this area.  An enormous green meadow in summer, transformed into an endless stretch of snow in winter, in which silence and peace were interrupted only by the roar of avalanches.

The majestic beauty of the mountain and the landscape has encouraged mountaineers and intellectuals over the years to tackle the paths that led to Breuil.  The village was at least two days travelling time from Chatillon, on foot or on the back of a mule, stopping off in Valtournenche to rest and perhaps to make an arrangement with a guide for the following day, to reach Breuil safely. In the 1930's there were very few buildings in the Breuil basin:  The little church, a bar, a couple of hotels and a few private houses.

The company Cervino was founded in 1934 and the first Breuil-Plan Maison cable car was opened in 1936, beginning the development of what has become one of the main international ski resorts and which continues to be recognised for its state of the art technological innovation even today.

Things have changed over the years; now there's absolutely no difficulty involved in reaching Breuil-Cervinia and there are numerous buildings (perhaps too many) in town, but the excitement and amazement aroused by the sight of Mt Cervino, whether for the first or the umpteenth time, hasn't altered one little bit.

80 years of history