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  • 5 Localities      3 Districts      2,359 m. difference in altitude
  • International Telemark Meeting  from the 27th April to the 1st May 2017
  • Live Concert: 28th April Davide Van De Sfross; 30th  April L'Orage (Tender Structure, 9.00 pm, free entry) 



"Valtournenche, où est-tu? Sans toi je suis perdu"

A simple sentence that represents what the heart feels to the locals that love their town... it will happen also to you when you walk through the meadows of wildflowers, smell their sweet scent and sit on the lakeside, hand in hand, admiring the snow-covered  mountains.

Climb up and up to see the native animals, and you'll be thankful at the simpleness of life, for the sensation of peace ... yes ... under this clear blue sky, the grazing cows and a smile to welcome our guests.

It's contagious...immerge youself in this fairytale land...we're awaiting you!