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  • SUMMER 2018: MAY WEEK ENDS OPENING 12/13, 19/20, 26/27.

  • 23rd March 2018 Open all the lifts in Breuil-Cervinia and Valtournenche. Open the links with Zermatt and Valtournenche

the glacier palace ice grotto

One of the wonders of the Alps: the highest ice grotto in Europe at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres. Visited by thousands of tourists every year, it is located at the arrival station of the Klein Matterhorn ski lift (Zermatt, Switzerland) and can be reached from the station along a 50-metre tunnel carved in the ice. The grotto is 15 metres underground and offers stunning light effects thanks to the special way it is lit. Background music makes the atmosphere even more magical. The grotto is open every day in line with the opening hours of the ski lifts. In summer, Matterhorn Alpine Guides organise a visit to the grotto with a walk on the ice, starting out from Plateau Rosà.

The Matterhorn Alpine Guide Association

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