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  • 5 Localities      3 Districts      2,359 m. difference in altitude
  • International Telemark Meeting  from the 27th April to the 1st May 2017
  • Live Concert: 28th April Davide Van De Sfross; 30th  April L'Orage (Tender Structure, 9.00 pm, free entry) 


Freeride Skiing

Fresh, soft, powdery winter snow: whether you’re on skis or a snowboard. That’s the beauty of freeriding: that feeling of being free to turn where the only tracks in the snow are yours. That’s why – as well as for several other good reasons – the Cervino Ski Paradise circuit offers unique itineraries. Descents are organised by the Matterhorn Alpine Guide Association.

The Matterhorn Alpine Guide Association

Via Circonvallazione

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Information provided by: The Matterhorn Alpine Guide Association