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  • See you soon! Summer Season opening: Breuil Cervinia from the 28th June to the 10th September; Valtournenche from the 8th July to the 3rd September
  • Chamois Week end 10/11,17/18 June and from the 24th June to the 10th September; Torgnon Week end 17/18, 24/25 June, 1/2 ,8/9 July and from the 15th July to the 3rd September



Climb a mountain, face the cliff pass after pass, a challenge against time, the cold and exhaustion. These are the emotions that the mountains have to offer and in Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche you can try in safety thanks to the collaboration of the Cervino Guides, for excursions, advise, courses to improve and perfect technique, excursions with overnight stay in mountain huts immersed in the peace and quiet of the nature at the top of the mountain.

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