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  • Breuil Cervinia 20 October 2018 open the line of the calbe car to Plateau Rosà and 5 skilift on the swiss glacier

Ski for free

From 28 April to 5 May 2019 the Breuil-Cervinia ski-pass is free. At the foot of Cervino, with the warm spring sun, and plenty of winter snow in the district, the ski week (and not only) becomes even more attractive and economical…!  Mark the dates in your sports agenda: 28 April “slash” 5 May. For those who decide to spend from a minimum of four nights (with three days of skiing) to the traditional seven nights (with six days of skiing) of the ski week, the ski-pass is free and includes the international surcharge which entitles you to ski on the Swiss side of Zermatt. The guarantee of a domaine skiable which develops at high altitudes (from two thousand metres of Cervinia town up to the 3,883 of Piccolo Cervino, in Switzerland) makes it possible to “find” Compact winter snow, even in spring. With the advantage of getting a super tan thanks to the bright sunshine! If you add the opportunity to ski for free and spend an all-incluse holiday in hotels which offer the highest quality in terms of accommodation and … cuisine, the slogan which identifies the district, “sotto il Cervino tutto” (everything under Cervino), seems more appropriate than ever: super gifts, for super holidays!

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