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  • SUMMER 2018: MAY WEEK ENDS OPENING 12/13, 19/20, 26/27.

  • 23rd March 2018 Open all the lifts in Breuil-Cervinia and Valtournenche. Open the links with Zermatt and Valtournenche

Mountain Bike Aosta Valley tariffs

Week end 12/13, 19/20, 26/27 May and from the 29th June to  the 9th September 2018
Valtournenche from the 7th July to the 2nd September 2018

Plateau Rosà Mountain Bike Tariffs (19)
Ticket type
normal junior (30)
1 day 25,00 17,00
Breuil-Cervinia Mountain Bike Tariffs
Ticket type
normal junior (30)
Morning/Afternoon (15)(17) 17,00 12,00
1 day (14)(19)(31) 22,00 15,00
2 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 40,00 24,00
3 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 59,00 35,00
4 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 74,00 44,00
5 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 90,00 54,00
6 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 105,00 63,00
10 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 169,00 101,00
14 days non-consecutive (16)(19)(31) 233,00 140,00
Tickets of 2 days or more are valid also on the lift systems of La Thuile, Monterosa and Pila.
prices are indicated in euros.

(14) tickets valid for circulation on the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plan Maison, Plan Maison - Cime Bianche Laghi, Valtournenche - Salette;

(15) morning ticket valid until 1.00pm and afternoon ticket from 12.00pm, valid only in Breuil-Cervinia;

(16) personal tickets with name and surname valid for circulation on the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plan Maison, Plan Maison - Cime Bianche Laghi, Valtournenche - Salette; seasonal validity;

(17) no free tickets for groups, over 80's or baby categories;

(19) groups will receive one free ticket of the same duration every 20 purchased in the normal tariff category;

(30) reduced tariffs for children born after the 01/06/2004 upon presentation of an identity document and the presence of the person entitled to the reduction;

(31) children born after the 01/06/2010 will be issued a free skipass of the same validity as that purchased by an accompanying adult, otherwise upon presentation of an identity document a 50% reduction will be granted on the normal adult tariff;


(b) a € 5,00 deposit is required for skipasses issued on keycards, refundable before 05/05/2019;

(c) prices of tickets may be subject to variations in the Euro/Swiss Francs exchange rate;

(d)skipasses for skiers can be used as per the timetables posted at the ticket office; departure from Breuil-Cervinia is permitted only up to one hour before the closure of the Swiss lift systems;

(e) it is necessary to have a skipass for skiers to access the half-pipe on the glacier; offenders will be fined € 50,00;

(f) skiers are strictly forbidden from leaving a lift before it reaches the arrival station; offenders will be subject to sanctions as provided by the law;

(g) insurance: upon request of the client it is possible to purchase insurance cover with the purchase of a ticket at the prices indicated on the tariff table; for information on the coverage and guarantees request a leaflet at the ticket office. Purchase of insurance means the acceptance of terms and conditions of the policy;

(h) Zermatt Bergbahnen AG is responsible for the opening and closure of the lifts and pistes in Swiss territory and may decide the timetable at their discretion. Prices of skipasses are established regardless of the number of lifts and pistes open during the validity of the skipass.