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  • From 9th December  will open in Cervinia the Ventina slope from Plateau Rosà untill Breuil-Cervinia.
  • From 9th December will open in Valtournenche all the lifts, the connection with Breuil-Cervinia will still be closed.



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Cervino S.p.A.    
Piazzale Funivie - 11021 Breuil Cervinia (AO)
Ph. +039.0166.944311
Fax +039.0166.944399
E-mail: [email protected]
PEC: Email: [email protected]
Time table: 8:00 - 17.00


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Cervino Tourism Management
Via Circonvallazione, 18 - 11021 Breuil Cervinia (AO)
Ph. +039.0166.940986
Fax +039.0166.940134
Email: [email protected]